GSBN – The Month End Results for April 2024 YTD Update

Another Month in the Books, as April 2024 comes to a close!!!!    Here is an overview of the 2024 YTD Results Update for GSBN!! YTD: +9.9024%  (on pace for +29.7% annual returns) YTD: +13.7415%  (on pace for +41.22% annual returns) YTD: +8.4971%  (on pace for +25.49% annual returns)

That is an astounding +32.141% return in the 1st 4 months of 2024!!! 
That means our Global Sports Bet Network main subscription platforms are on pace for +96.41% annual returns!!!  
Even more incredible, is our pay per performance subscription platform is at +47.9892% return YTD in 2024, so it is on pace for +143.96% annual returns!!!  
This does not include our (True Day Trading Subscription Platform), which you can see from yesterday’s snapshot of our GSBN MLB Cover Page is up +11.97% in thru the 1st month of the MLB Season with 5 more months to go!!!  
With these 100% transparent results, matched with our added perks of “GSBN ALERT PLAYS”, there is no other Sports Betting/Day Trading Information Platform in the world that comes close to the annual returns we continue to produce!!!   Attached are the actual breakdowns for each platform YTD (Day/Month/Quarter) and the MLB Cover Sheet “snapshot”