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should we bet, that this will change sports betting forever?

Dear Sports Bettor,

I hope this message finds you well and ready for something exciting! I’m Rod, the founder and CEO of GSBN, and I’m thrilled to extend a personal invitation to you for something that could change the way you approach sports betting forever.

I want to introduce you to Vegas Syndicate Wagers – GSBN’s premier product, and your gateway to insider betting intelligence without breaking the bank.

Here’s the best part – we’re offering you a FREE TRIAL for 7 days. And, if after that time, you haven’t shown a net profit, we’ll give you 30 more days at no cost!

Imagine checking your email inbox every day to find expertly curated bet information right there. That’s precisely what we offer: daily bet information worksheets straight to you, containing the exact same bets that the pros at GSBN (that’s us!) are using to place our own bets with real money. 

I don’t want to brag, but with our proprietary Sports Day Trader software and algorithms, we have historically averaged 40% to 80% annual returns.

No strings attached, no upfront or hidden fees. You’re in TOTAL control.

So, are you ready to up your betting game and join a community of savvy sports enthusiasts? Sign up now and let’s start winning together!



Get the exact information the pros use

Get our proven bet worksheets every day!

What makes Vegas Syndicate Wagers different from other sports picks providers?

proven Fact

97% of all sports bettors lose money!!!

Join us and become part of the elite 3% that consistently make money day trading sports!



Our proprietary sports day trading software and investment platform gives you the information and tools you need to simply follow along and consistently make money betting.



Sure, the picks and teams you trade are an incredibly important part of being successful day trading sports. But, make no mistake, the trading platform that tells you the exact amount to risk/bet is just as important. Our sports day trading platform not only gives you the exact teams to bet, but the exact percentage to risk on each and every bet/trade. 



Long-term successful sports trading is about a betting/trading platform that includes money management, risk mitigation, and taking short term profits while also building your capital account/bankroll. We guide you through a step-by-step process of our complete platform, teaching you how to be a successful long-term sports trader, while also showing you the process of taking short term profits, as well as reinvesting a portion of your profits to grow your capital account/bankroll. This allows you to make long term exponential profits year after year.

Need some proof?

We trade the exact same trades we give to our members every single day by putting our own money where our mouth is... take a look

Personal cash sports ticket in Las Vegas

$370 winner

Another personal cash sports ticket in Las Vegas

$1,800 winner

Wondering what you will get?

We send you our exclusive bet information worksheet every day

Here's what you get

When you join the vegas syndicate wagers community:

EXPERT BET/TRADE information

Get exclusive access to our daily sports bets/trades, as well as the exact amount per bankroll to risk on each bet/trade. Simply follow to win. Get periodic updates and exclusive information only available to our members.

long term profits

Use our daily sports bet/trade information to generate a long-term revenue stream. 

community access

Get periodic updates and information only available to our GSBN sports betting community members. 

exclusive wagers

Get access to our exclusive selected bet information sheets every day to start your winning sports betting journey.

Try Vegas Syndicate Wagers for 7 days & get up to 15 exclusive picks per day – across most pro sportS. Try it 7 Days for free

7 days for free

and pay $289.99 per month after

The best, most profitable, and most comprehensive sports betting/day trading platform in the world! You can join Vegas Syndicate Wagers 7 days for free,  and if you don’t make a net profit within that time, we’ll give you another 30 days – FREE.

As a member, you’ll get access to our daily sports betting information, which includes up to 15 hand-picked GSBN sports trades per day from our proven proprietary sports day trading software and sports betting platform. These picks are formulated from our expert analysis and the same sports betting information and bets we personally use every single day in Las Vegas.


How many Sports Bets will be Provided Each Day?

We will provide up to 15 hand-selected sports bets/trades per day.

How familiar with Sports or Sports Betting do I need to be to follow along with the Bet information and be successful?

We provide all the pertinent information in an easy-to-follow format broken down in percentages of risk as it relates to your personal capital account/bankroll. Whether you are a seasoned or amateur sports bettor, we give you everything you need to become a successful long-term sports bettor.

When do you post the Sports Bets?

The trades are posted no later than one hour before our first game of day. Sometimes, they will be posted the night before the bets are to be placed. Keep in mind we personally bet on the same sports bets we give to our subscribers, so there will be ample time to get in your bets. 

If I buy a Subscription, can I cancel or get a refund?

There are no refunds issued, but you can cancel the auto-renew option for your subscription. Also note that with the monthly paid subscription to Vegas Syndicate Wagers if, at the end of that subscription, and you followed the exact sports betting information we provided, without positive profits, we will renew your subscription for an additional month (upon request) until you DO show a profit.

How will I receive the daily bet information worksheets?

GSBN uses a private Discord server to share the daily bet information worksheets in a hidden channel, to which you will get instant access after you sign up for the product. If you don’t have a personal Discord account yet, make sure to register for one (it’s free) to be prepared. Click here to register a Discord Account.

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