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It is primarily based on statistics, algorithms, mathematics, moving averages, probabilities, and polynomial equations, along with synchronizing with an investment based algorithm (the second aspect of the software/trading/betting platform). 


No. It is math and data driven.

There are hundreds of calculations going on behind the scenes to determine the actual bets/trades, as well as an entire secondary software platform that helps figure out the exact risk for the bets/trade amounts.

We have personally bet/traded over $2-3 million annually since 2020 using the Sports Day Trading software. We also have over 30 years of historical data with more than 60 sports seasons — without a single losing season.

See the answer to the previous question. But an additional note…we have sports data on some teams going back to the early 1900s. The math has remained consistent for a very long time. Keep in mind, Vegas lines makers must have things handicapped by either point spreads, or by monetary numbers 10 points above and below 50/50. This is because they charge a 10% vig on bets/trades. You’ve heard the phrase “the house always wins?” This is because their goal is to set the lines as sharp as possible to get the same amount of money on each side of every bet/trade, taking the 10% vig on the volume of money bet/traded. If you look at our win rate and the number of trades on our control panel worksheets from the software programs (see below), note that the amount of trades/bets is right about 50%. This is because we bet both sides of every trading line”, then weight the bet/trade risk depending upon what the software demands. We spread the risk over multiple bets/trades and the software then calculates the amount of risk depending on math, as well as the amount of bets/trades, and where the program is in profit/loss. 

Although 80% automated, there is a human element in some of the bets/trades. We keep our finger on the pulse, e.g., toward the end of a season, if you are up money, you certainly wouldn’t make a huge bet/trade on a team who has clinched a playoff spot, and/or has been eliminated, with a chance of giving your profits back. There SHOULD ALWAYS be some human element involved, but then again, ALL the decisions are based on some sort of math.

We cover most major sports within our standard platforms: NBA, NCAAB, NHL, MLB, NFL, and NCAAF.  We also have tested the software for WNBA, Our covers International and Domestic Soccer only.

If you add up all our platforms (,,,, and, we have historical returns of 100% to over 220% annually.  

We don’t need third party verification, simply because the exact bets/trades we give to our clients/subscribers are posted for everyone to see —win/lose or draw — with 100% transparency on each subscription platform’s Historical Calendar Section.

If we were giving bets/trades, and subscribers saw that what they received didn’t match our daily transparent historical results, they would be quick to call us out on it on every social media platform.  

Yes. If the 30 day/monthly platform our subscribers purchase does not produce positive returns for the month they subscribe, we will give them the exact same subscription for the following month, until there are profits. 

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