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Introducing BCBC the first ever NFT based member club that will build the Sports betting elite of tomorrow - GSBN is about to change the industry.

GSBN is about to go ahead and step into the future. For the past 3 month we was working on a NFT project that we believe will change the sports betting community in a way we’ve never seen before. As our community ist the most important for us we decided to share even more value with every member that is ready to join us on an amazing journey. What we are about to introduce will build the sports betting elite of tomorrow.

Who is Beto?

Beto is the main Character of the NFT Collection that represents the sports mascot of GSBN. Based on over 90 different variables like jerseys, sports equipment, sports hats and many more we’ve generated 10,000 unique NFT collectibles where some are rarer than others.

What is Beto’s Sports Betting Club?

BETOS’ SPORTS BETTING CLUB is a sports inspired NFT project consisting of 10,000 programmatically, randomly generated sports panthers named “Beto” living on the Ethereum blockchain.

Our mission is a win-win, by giving holders of our Sports Inspired NFT exclusive access to a unique sports betting and day trading experience that produces the most stunning and profitable returns within all major international sports markets tested and used for over 21 years by Elite Members of our Sports Betting Syndicate members daily.  This NFT project now comes to the public which allows everyone access to the Best Sports Betting and Day Trading Information money can buy, while allowing elite exclusivity into a sports enthusiastic communtiy, with access to the most mind-blowing and innovative sports betting and day trading information from a proprietary sports betting and day trading software platform….  An Elite and Exclusive Sports Betting and Sports Day Trading Community that produces +40% to +80% historical annual returns!

Beto is the Subject character of our exclusive NFT Sports Betting project which represents a sports mascot panther…   Purchasing your unique limited Beto Sports Panther gives you an invitation to join the most exclusive sports betting information clubs on the Ethereum blockchain.

Each Sports Panther is unique and programmatically generated from over 70 possible traits, including expression, headwear, sports clothing, fur color and more. All panthers are smashing it, but some are rarer than others. 

The panthers are stored as ERC-721 tokens and hosted on IPFS. Purchasing a panther costs around $390 in ETH for everyone and there are no bonding curves here. 

To access the members only area, “THE BET OFFICE”, Panther holders need to be signed into their Metamask wallet. 

Your Beto Sports Panther NFT purchase also gives you an added value of $1,299.99 which is based on each NFT Purchaser/Member will get lifetime free access to 5 highly exclusive sports bet informations and sports trades every day. Also members can choose one extended membership from one of the three GSBN sports information services (, or at a limited price tag.

The BSBC Royalty Fund – A Huge benefit for every NFT holder

How does GSBN use the profits from the BSBC token Sale?
GSBN and it’s strategic Sports Betting and Sports Day Trading partners, continuously us our Proprietary Sports Betting and Sports Day Trading Software information and implement Sports Bets and Sports Trades daily generating historical annual profits…  Now we are offering to do the same for our exclusive community of BETO token holder’s by using a portion of the funds/profits of the NFT token purchases by gifting $200K into what we are calling a ROYALTY FUND, once all of the limited tokens/offerings have sold out!!!!  Once realized and sold out, this $200K will be put into capital account/bankroll that we call the ROYALTY FUND, for our exclusive use in Sports Betting and Day Trading with hopes of using our proprietary sports betting and sports day trading software’s information and platform to self-perform in hopes to grow the Royalty Fund for NFT token owners and GSBN trading partners for distribution by majority electronic vote at the end of each calendar year.  Note that historical annual return rates have eclipsed +40% to +80% annually…  Although no guarantees expressed or written, here’s how the community fund could develop over the next 3 years if the ROYALTY FUND realizes the historical returns after the NFT Tokens have been sold.


If you are ready to join the 3% who consistently make money Sports Betting and/or Sports Day Trading, you have come to the right place!!!… If you can make the smaller wording a bit bigger that would be nice as well…

Stop betting and learn to day trade sports!

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Introducing BCBC the first ever NFT based member club that will build the Sports betting elite of tomorrow - GSBN is about to change the industry.