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“Ever wonder where the most successful Sports Bettors and Sports Day Traders get their Sports Betting information??  Ever notice that there are always an elite and elusive few who seem to consistently win and make money Betting Sports, while the rest continue to constantly lose???   It’s not by chance or coincidence, it’s simply that the world’s elite and most successful Sports Bettors and Sports Day Traders use the Best and Most sophisticated Sports Betting Information Software available!!!   I am sure you have heard the phrase, “It takes money to make money.”…  This is true, but this Winning Sports Betting Information is not as far from your reaches as you think!!!   The fact is, there is an elite few that never share their successful winning sports betting information…   That is why most of the public never has access to it…   That is until now, as one of the most successful and most profitable Sports Bettors and Sports Day Traders in Las Vegas, has finally launched his Proprietary Sports Betting and Day Trading Software’s and Investment Platform available to the public!!!   

You read that correctly…   Some of the world’s best sports betting and sports day trading information that money can buy, is within reach and now available online!!!    Matt Mannolo, who is one of the most successful and most profitable sports bettors and sports algo day traders has launched an online Global Sports Bet Network designed to help everyone in the sports betting and day trading world follow along and make generous long-term profits and residual exponential returns using the same exact information that he and his syndicate of Las Vegas Sports Bettors and Sports Day Traders bet/trade every single day!!!   This decision did not come easy, and without much deliberation, as those within the syndicate wanted him to follow suit and keep the information for themselves, for obvious reasons…   Fortunately for those that find and join the Global Sports Bet Network and the family of Sports Betting and Day Trading products and have the patience and willingness to follow along, now can be a part of that elite syndicate of successful and profitable Sports Bettors and Sports Day Traders…   

Some ask why he would do this if it were so successful, and his response was returned with conviction!!!  Matt said, “After seeing the Sports Information Phone Rooms and Services in the Industry, and their unscrupulous business practices of selling air, only while profiting off of lies and scams, I promised that once I was in a position to help those who sincerely want to make money or simply stop losing money while paying for terrible consistently losing information, I would!!!”…   This is why Global Sports Bet Network was launched…   Matt continued by saying, “I know I may ruffle some feathers of some of the Sports Information Services out there, and I do realize that there are a few legitimate Sports Information Services out there, but only an elite few that actually have a legitimate Sports Betting Software that has proven to generate long term success and profits.”   

He went on to say, “There are even less that actually will put their own personal money where their mouth is, betting every single bet and/or trade they give their clients every single day with 100% transparency!   Myself and my elite syndicate of Sports Bettors and Sports Day Traders do exactly that every single day here in Las Vegas and have been successfully doing so for over 10 years.”  Matt added, “Make sure before you use and/or sign up for any Sports Information companies, that they share with 100% transparency, the “ACTUAL CASH TICKETS” showing they are professional enough to believe in their product and/or service every single day, to show those “ACTUAL CASH TICKETS” using their own personal money every single day!!  Furthermore, make sure they are willing to do that at the beginning of the game/event, not at or near the end/conclusion, and not on some online account that they can fake or with whom they are associated with in a marketing campaign!  Lastly, do not pay for upsells or a portion of your winnings as they continue to get you to bet more and more along the way.”   

Matt said that more times than not, those that are sports betting, or have in the past, have been a victim of A Sports Information Service that has failed to make a profit, while still getting paid only to lose the client money….   

He called these “Burns” in the industry, and that he once went inside a “bullpen” as a “grunt/caller”, lasted a little more than a couple of days, and was so appalled that he walked out…    “Once the client has lost enough money, and refuses to play along anymore, they know how much money you were willing to pay, how big a bettor they can pressure you to climb to, and worse, they have all of your information, and once you are in the burn pile and they cannot get anymore from you, they sell or trade your information to another phone room or Sports Information Service, which is why you continue to get calls promising “Inside Information and/or Locks”, and many continue to just hope and pray the next group has the “winner” because they are already too far down the rabbit hole!”   

Global Sports Bet Network was designed and launched to teach people how to effectively Sports Bet and Sports Day Trade giving them the best chance at long term success…   Not only do all of the Global Sports Bet Network family of products give you the exact information on what to bet/trade, we also provide an exact percentage of your bankroll/capital to risk on each and every individual bet/trade…   With the Global Sports Bet Network products, you will see that the bets/trades and annual returns are listed as Annual Rate of Return Percentages, based on each individual Sports Bettors and/or Sports Day Traders personal Capital Account/Bankroll…  We even provide an investment plan that teaches you to take a portion of the profits throughout the year/season, while reinvesting a portion of the profits to help grow your capital account/bankroll, which allows for not only long-term success and profits, but exponential long-term residual returns…  In fact, Matt says his returns have historically been between +40% to over +80% annually, which is far above any other “legal” investment platform available…  

Join today, and see why so many are raving about the newest wave of incredibly profitable Sports Betting and Sports Day Trading information money can buy!!!  See why Global Sports Bet Network has changed the landscape of Sports Betting and Sports Day Trading Information once and for all…  Stop Losing money Betting Sports, and join the most successful Global Sports Betting Information Network Syndicate in the World:  Global Sports Bet Network


If you are ready to join the 3% who consistently make money in Sports Betting and/or Sports Day Trading, you have come to the right place!!!… If you can make the smaller wording a bit bigger, that would be nice as well…
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